9/11/22 River Bend Bookshop's Author Stage, Arts on the Green, Glastonbury CT
9/16/22 An Evening With Isaac Fitzgerald, Hops on the Hill, Glastonbury CT


Golden Record Org interview 5/12/22
NightSchool: Earth to Astronomy
Fresh Take Comics & Culture: The Stormlight Archive - Broken Heroes Save the World 4/4/22
Mom and Dad Are Fighting (guest host) 1/20/22
The Colin McEnroe Show: Earth as an Exoplanet 8/24/21
One Year: 1977 - Elvis, the Pledge, and Extraterrestrials 8/5/21
Brooklyn Book Fest: Imagining Beyond w/ Ted Chiang, NK Jemisin, & Mark Doten (panel moderator) 9/22/10
WBUR: Best Books of Summer 7/1/16