I work with writers at all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming and development through refining, copyediting, and proofreading. I've worked as an editor, writing teacher, writing consultant, and dramaturg, with professionals, amateurs, and students. My goal is to help you make your work the fullest embodiment of your voice and vision. 

I'm flexible and omnivorous, but my specialties include:

  • nonfiction books

  • memoir

  • essays

  • science writing

  • scientific writing (especially astronomy, biology, and geology)

  • grant applications

  • personal statements (especially med school and NSF Graduate Fellowship applications)

For rates or to discuss your needs, email me: jaime@jaimegreen.net.

Some testimonials:

"Jaime helped me edit my book and I couldn't recommend her more highly. In addition to her being a pleasure to work with, prompt, and attentive to detail, I found both her prose and her abstract at a birds' eye view invaluable. Any writer would be lucky to work with her!"

       —Alexandra Sacks, M.D.

"I've worked with Jaime Green as a copyeditor and proofreader, and she brings her considerable knowledge of style and syntax, attention to detail and accuracy, and research skills to every project she tackles. Along with timely communication, prompt delivery and deft project management skills, she is a reliable and attentive editor you can depend on to return anything you send her in better shape than when it started."

       —Miranda K. Pennington

"Jaime is an insightful, imaginative and compassionate editor. She is particularly skilled at locating that place in a piece of writing that is adequate but that can be so much more. I never felt corrected by her edits — but rather inspired and liberated to produce my best work."

       —Abigail Rabinowitz (contributing writer at Google Play Editorial)