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1-Day Prose Seminar: Shortcuts to an Expert’s Writing Process

Saturday, May 21

online via Catapult

Writing is an art. But it is also skilled work. All too often, we expect great writing to bubble out of us unprompted, as long as we make space for the muse to arrive. But what really makes space for the muse is a whole lot of skills and strategies.

Research shows that expert writers know how to make much of their process automatic, so that their full attention can be on creative generation. But you don’t have to wait for expertise. You can build a process that breaks writing up into small, manageable steps, and in doing so clear space for creativity.

In this one-day intensive for writers of all experience levels, through lecture and individual exercises, you’ll learn about the science of writing development and how you can use that knowledge to build a better writing process for yourself. We’ll talk about working memory, generation vs. assessment, how to quiet your inner critic (or at least tell her to wait her turn), and revision strategies that will make writing better and more enjoyable, every step of the way.

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