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Essays & Features

New York Times Magazine: Befouling the Final Frontier

Aeon: Uncertain Contact

Slate: Surely There Must Be Someone Out There In All That Space

Catapult: The Beautiful Ego Death of Having My Book Fact-Checked

Catapult: Like Being a Good-Enough Mother, Being a Good-Enough Writer Is Enough

Slate: What the Olympics’ Alien-Meets-Astronaut Ice Dancing Routine Says About First Contact

Catapult: Teaching Freshman Comp Was the Best Writing Education I Ever Got

Slate: The Agony of Parents of Children Under 5

Slate: Here's the Real Deal on Flurona

Slate: Why Astronomers Are “Crying and Throwing Up Everywhere” Over the Upcoming Telescope Launch

Catapult: What If We Taught Writing the Way We Teach Acting?

Slate: If the Earth Isn't Special, Then the Whole Cosmos Is

Southwest: Once in a Babymoon

The Cut: I Love My Weird Pregnancy Skin-Care Routine

Popular Science: Could astrobiology research convince us to fight climate change?

Frere-Jones Type: Archaeology and Invention: Designing Empirica

Backstage: Ben Foster Crams a Life’s Worth of Experience Into Every Role

Medium: The Strangely Human Messages We Send To Aliens

How We Imagine Aliens

Something Incredible Waiting to Be Known

Are We Really Alone?

Electric Literature: Why We Still Need Aunt Beast

The Cut: Yoga Pants Are the Best Pants

BuzzFeed Books: Who Gets A Happily Ever After In 2018?

Electric Literature: I Spent 24 Hours Reading Last Weekend and I Didn’t Lose My Mind

Brooklyn Magazine: “When People Ask for Advice”: My Brother, My Brother, and Me Brings Their Good-Guy Podcast to TV

Catapult: Reading for an Audience

Longreads: The Fullness of a Moment

American Theatre online: Dancing on the Edge

The Toast: The French Toast Test

The Rumpus: Aftermath

The Cossack: A Guide to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (print)

Everyday Genius: Dirty Hands

The Awl: Embrace Your Prairie Looks and Make Some Applesauce

Criticism, Reviews, & Interviews

The Cut: Is This the Millennial Parent Book? (Q&A with Emily Oster)

Vulture: Why You Should Be Reading Romance Novels

New York Times Book Review: Four Winter Romance Novels Find Love in Hopeless Places

All's Well That Ends Well: Fall Romance Novels

Four Delicious New Romance Novels

The Latest Romance Novels: Firefighters, Buff Male Nannies, Astronauts and More

In These Romance Novels, the Characters Are Sexy, Hot and Toting a Ton of Emotional Baggage

Summer Reading: Romance

Nylon: Type A(my): An Ode To ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ For Celebrating Ambitious, Perfectionist Women

The Rumpus: It's Just Reality: Talking With Meaghan O'Connell Leslie Jamison Wants You to Rethink Your Drunk Literary Heroes (Q&A)

Thrillist: The Best Books of 2018 (So Far)

Vulture: Alyssa Cole on Why Her Romance Novels Are Always Political

Unbound Worlds: The Word for Empathy is Sci-Fi: On Le Guin, Kress, and Kindness

Slate: On Election Day 2017, Do Yourself a Favor and Turn Off Facebook Memories

Google Play Editorial: Google Play's Summer Reading (list)
Extra Crispy: The Science of Breakfast Time, According to Alan Burdick
The Morning News: Bats of the Republic v. The Turner House (Tournament of Books)
Slate: Founding Father Fails (Q&A with Sarah Vowell)
The Millions: Cohesion Is Not Continuity: On Sarah Manguso’s Ongoingness
The Oyster Review: Context and the City (on Choire Sicha's Very Recent History)
The Rumpus: The Last Book I Loved: The Unnamed
BuzzFeed Books: It’s Always Spilling Over the Edges (Q&A with Leslie Jamison)
Hooded Utilitarian: Clybourne Park is Lying to You
The Awl: How Are We to Listen to Classical Music?
Download the Universe: Can the Wonders of the Universe Fit on an iPad?
The Awl: How Spring Awakening Changed the Business of Musical Theatre
Google Play Editorial: Edan LepuckiMary Roach, Colson WhiteheadZan RomanoffRivka GalchenElizabeth GreenwoodBrandon SandersonJeff VanderMeer.

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